Financing a bakery: getting a professional loan.

 The bakery remains a dynamic sector. Indeed bread is part of the basic diet of the French. In addition, bakers have adapted to the development of fast food by offering sandwiches, salads.

The location of the store is a success criterion that should not be overlooked when creating or taking over a bakery business. With the professional experience of the entrepreneur, He will have a significant weight on obtaining funding.

The valuation of a business of bakery pastry

The valuation of a business of bakery pastry

The professionals of the business transaction have the habit of valuing a business of bakery-pastry for 50 to 120% of its annual turnover.

Of course, the final value will depend on the quality of the site, the obsolescence of the equipment and the fittings.

Finance a bakery pastry

Finance a bakery pastry

The respect of three conditions makes it possible to succeed in the sector. First of all, you need a good location. It is then necessary to have a quality material with good performances. We must then offer customers quality products.

Banks require a contribution equivalent to 30% of the investment whether for a creation or a recovery.

Finally the baker will have to justify his experience and his diplomas in bakery.

The right solutions to finance a bakery are as follows:

  • The professional loan to finance a recovery of business assets or arrangements
  • Leasing and participating loans to finance equipment (oven, refrigerated display cases, ) or furniture
  • Loan mill or mill: In addition to the bank, it is common practice to apply in part to millers (or mills) who can finance a portion by borrowing provided they source flour home.
  • The cash facility to meet cash flow problems

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